• So what's it all about. What can I do with a dot me. Well here are some examples of the possibilties and what others are using them for.

  • Michele.me
    Michele is a blogger who writes about this that and the other and uses his dot me for his blog
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  • Krishna.me
    Krishna De posts her Insights From Ireland On Digital Marketing, Social Media And Entrepreneurship on her dot me
    Visit Krishna.me

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If you're looking for a personal branded domain name then .me is the perfect choice. Nothing quite says you like .me

You might be asking do I really need to get a .Me? With well over 400,000 dot me domains registered (and rising fast) now is the perfect time to grab yours. (There are over 90 million dot com domains registered chances are your name is already gone)

So if you're looking to create your blog, portfolio, lifestream or even your online business card the time is right. To get started simply put your first and last name in the boxes above and we'll see what's available.

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AdimaDanille Hermila Keala
ArganteDevynaHildred Macbain
Audria EsmundHristunMogue
AvsalomEulalia InikoSedge
Cherise FlytaJaydeeTzzipporah
Christene GelasiusJonamWakeley
CullodenaGuillermina Katerine Yehoash