Shane McDonald’s Photo Blog

Shane McDonald uses his .me for his photo blog:

Shane posts photos on his photo blog on a regular basis, as well as providing information about the photographic equipment he’s using.

It’s a nice example of a .me domain name being used by someone as their personal space.

Know of any other ones? Let us know 🙂

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Register a .me domain!

We love “memes” so we thought we’d try our hand at one for .me

A slight variation on the “Keep Calm.. ” ones that have been doing the rounds for the last few months:

So what are you waiting for?

Go register your .me domain name today!

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What’s Your Favourite Personal Blog Theme?

There are literally thousands of blog themes and styles to choose from. Some are completely free / open source, while others are “premium”.

And of course some people build their own.

So what’s your favourite personal blog theme?

Or if you don’t have a favourite single theme, what’s your favourite blog theme source / collection?

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Save On .me Domain Names With Our Valentine’s Special

We know that Valentine’s Day is a special day for people, so we put together this site to mark the event:

Be My Valentine

And we’ve been publicising it via Facebook and Twitter for the last few days…

It’s a simple site (just one page!), but it also comes with some very attractive discounts on both hosting and domains that are valid until the end of month. So Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end on the 14th! Screenshot

Screenshot of

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Tell Us Your .me Story

One of the things we love to see is “domains in action”.

If you’ve used a .me domain name to do something cool or interesting, why not share it with the world?

We’d love to see what people have done

Maybe you’re using a .me domain name to point for your blog (or other website)

What about your social media profiles? Are you using a .me to point to one or more of them?

Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear your story!

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Get Emotional With .me

The .me registry are putting up a few more of their premium names for auction.

This time round the theme is emotions and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s probably one of the best times of the year for it!

During DomainFest Global in Santa Monica and will go under the hammer, while, and will feature in the extended auction.

If you can’t attend the auction in person you can still take part online.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to some of these names – could be used for so many different cool things that the possibilities are almost limitless.

What do you think?

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We’ve gotten personal with USB keyrings :)

Get Personal With .Me 4GB USB Keyring

Well as the title pretty much says we’ve done a small bit of marketing / promotion work recently and the results just arrived in the post this morning and we’re rather pleased with the results. We asked the other day what people look for in a USB keyring and we had a huge mixture of responses from 256MBs up to 32GBs I believe. Our own thoughts were along the lines of 2GBs is good anything more is great (we’ve possibly all got a 128 or 256mb keyring lying around which is good for nothing in this day and age). And so here we have it 4GB Get Personal with .Me USB keyrings. We’re going to be having a few promotions over the next little while so stay tuned and subscribe to this blog or follow Blacknight on Twitter or fan Blacknight on Facebook to be in with a chance to grab yourself a keyring

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And we’re live…

Party time at get personal with .meWelcome to the Get Personal With .Me blog. It’s a blog and we’re going to hopefully be posting a few interesting things for your viewing pleasure.

  • Updates about the site
  • Sites we like ( case studies )
  • Themes (both free and commercial) we like and you may find nice too.

And anything else we can think of so stay tuned.

In the mean time why not take a look at a Free WordPress Theme that we quite like.

It’s called The Morning After and it comes to us from Woo Themes.

You can see a live demo of the theme over on the Woo Themes site. It’s a crisp clean theme with a few nice features such as a number widget areas / latest posts and featured posts.

So why not grab your personal .me name today, download a nice theme and get up and running with Blacknight and Get Personal With .Me.

The Morning After WordPress Theme

The Morning After WordPress Theme

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