What’s Your Favourite Personal Blog Theme?

There are literally thousands of blog themes and styles to choose from. Some are completely free / open source, while others are “premium”.

And of course some people build their own.

So what’s your favourite personal blog theme?

Or if you don’t have a favourite single theme, what’s your favourite blog theme source / collection?

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3 Responses to What’s Your Favourite Personal Blog Theme?

  1. Colly says:

    The offical “Twenty Ten” theme I think is great. There are a few difference cusomised variations of it but since it came in I have no felt the need to use any others. You see it all over the web on loads of other blogs, and with some tiny changes it can still look unique.

  2. Hugh says:

    I’m reasonably fond of Tarski, except the installation b0rked when I upgraded everything to the most recent versions, and I can’t upload a header image from my iPad. Otherwise I like it. Must have a look at twenty ten.

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