Shane McDonald’s Photo Blog

Shane McDonald uses his .me for his photo blog:

Shane posts photos on his photo blog on a regular basis, as well as providing information about the photographic equipment he’s using.

It’s a nice example of a .me domain name being used by someone as their personal space.

Know of any other ones? Let us know 🙂

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8 Responses to Shane McDonald’s Photo Blog

  1. Hey Guys

    I am also using .me as my personal blog on Tumblr.
    Its like my own part of the internet where i collect and share all the stuff that i find interesting and inspiring.
    Kinda online exstension of my personality. You know .ME 🙂

    I also often post photos from Skopje, Macedonia

    So check it out 🙂

  2. Like Shane I too use a .me domain for my photoblog. When I was setting it up I had intended to buy but the .me domains had just become available so naturally I couldn’t let it pass.

  3. Diarmuid says:

    Just to be a complete geek, I’m using domain as my own personal url shortener. (Macd being my first username in my first job and how most people there came to know me).

  4. Diarmuid says:

    I’m using something called YOURLS using a Blacknight hosted database. I found out about YOURLS via Lifehacker.
    I mainly use the URLY app on android to shorten and share links after that.

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