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Get Personal With .Me 4GB USB Keyring

Well as the title pretty much says we’ve done a small bit of marketing / promotion work recently and the results just arrived in the post this morning and we’re rather pleased with the results. We asked the other day what people look for in a USB keyring and we had a huge mixture of responses from 256MBs up to 32GBs I believe. Our own thoughts were along the lines of 2GBs is good anything more is great (we’ve possibly all got a 128 or 256mb keyring lying around which is good for nothing in this day and age). And so here we have it 4GB Get Personal with .Me USB keyrings. We’re going to be having a few promotions over the next little while so stay tuned and subscribe to this blog or follow Blacknight on Twitter or fan Blacknight on Facebook to be in with a chance to grab yourself a keyring